Heroes, indexers as

I love my clients. I really do. Partly, of course, because they are my clients and allow me to have the job I love, but also because they are often amazing people. Roughly half my clients are authors, and the other half work for publishing companies. Authors tend to be  passionate and enthusiastic about their work, and will talk about their subject matter to anyone who will listen.

Milan Somborac's profile photo
Milan Somborac, DDS

One of my favorite clients is a dentist and an investment expert. And he has written books on both subjects.

I want to share with you a series of really fun emails I had with him. I think you will quickly see why he is one of my favorites:

Good morning Jen,

I read Seth Godin’s blog. He puts it out daily and often, it contains pearls (but not daily). You might want to check it out.

You do a great job indexing. It is hard to believe that AI could replace you. (See link below.)

Best wishes,


Artificial Intelligence

Hi Milan:
I see your article and raise you an article… 😉
Indexers as Heroes

Good morning Seth,
You drop many pearls in your blogs and I look forward to them. I recently sent a link to your “23 Things Artificially Intelligent Computers Can Do Better, Faster, and Cheaper Than You Can” to book indexer Jennifer Weers and she responded by sending me a link to “In Our Google Era, Indexers are the Unsung Heroes of the Publishing World.”
You, and most  writers will find it an eye opener. Enjoy.
Milan Somborac DDS, fearless of computers
Author of Monday Morning Millionaire Ed. 2, indexed by Jennifer Weers.

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