Higher Loyalty, A (Comey)

I just had to take a look at A Higher Loyalty’s index. A politically important and newsworthy book like Comey’s makes my imagination go wild. Who indexed it? What was that process like? I kinda even want the indexer’s autograph. I did the same thing when Hillary’s book came out. I’m a nerd like that.

But, to my annoyance, there was no index on Amazon’s “look inside” for Comey’s book. I did, however, find a snapshot of it on splinternews.com. Clio Chang did peek inside and pointed out some interesting entries (HT, Clio Chang!).


Comey Index 1

I am reasonably political. I feel as if it is important to know the happenings in Washington and other capitals around the globe. I have a definite opinion on many issues, but I am also able to have a conversation with someone from the other side of the aisle. I might even share a few of their beliefs.

I once was invited to interview for a political book (this was several months before the 2016 elections). Before I could make a bid, though, I was asked a series of questions regarding my political beliefs. I was asked to be honest and specific in my answers. I later found out the book was on Donald Trump. I didn’t get the job.

I am not going to comment on the entries in Comey’s book. I’m also not going to read the Comey Index2book. I want to point out, though, how this snapshot of the index gives us so much information about the publication without having to read it.

An abundance of information exists on the significance of indexes in nonfiction works. I am particularly aware of the index as a marketing tool, and how librarians, educators, and the public make buying decisions based on the index.  The index for A Higher Loyalty might exaggerate this claim, in spite of the fact that we all knew, roughly, the content before seeing it. Even these two pages are very telling, and there should be no surprises on content. The indexed warned us (ok, so maybe I’ll comment just that once).

If you are an author, don’t forget this. It is just as important for you as for James Comey. More, actually, unless you plan on appearing on every news outlet in the world.


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