Vacation time. See also dreams, impossible

Wishes for peace, joy, and happiness in 2019 from my family to yours.

“You are always working!”

So, my kids never said this to me, but I know there were times when they wanted to. The first several years of being an indexer meant working when there was work. Often the timing of that work seemed unfair to me and my family.

Sometimes I would have a whole week in the middle of March where the house would be uber clean, all the laundry was caught up on, cookies baked, and dinner on the table on time because I had no indexing to do. And then, all August when the kids were home from school and I wanted to be spending time with them, I’d be locked in the office reading some boring book about…well, never mind that part.

I remember all those years ago saying, “I can’t wait until I can choose when I work.”

It took longer than I thought, but guess what I did? I took the week before and the week after Christmas off. No work at all. I turned down one project and told another author I wouldn’t be able to start her job until January 2nd.

My husband, three kids, and I spent 11 days with no work and no school. It was amazing. I felt like I accomplished some unwritten goal. Almost like I had arrived (which is silly given how long I’ve been doing this and how many pages I’ve read and indexed in the last several years).

My fingertips were tingling a little bit on January 2nd, though. Eleven days was long enough. Time to get back to work.

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