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Colleges: selling books to

Because nonfiction authors and publishers are my bread and butter, I am always keeping an eye on what is happening at the Nonfiction Author's Association. Stephanie Chandler, the everything-nonfiction-guru is more than generous with the information she shares with the group. I found this blog post on selling your books to colleges especially interesting. Enjoy.… Continue reading Colleges: selling books to


Cookbook Usage

I index a lot of cookbooks. In fact, 30% of my projects in 2018 were culinary books - everything from alpine cuisine to those easy food-preparation appliances that were on so many Christmas lists this year. I also spend a lot of time monitoring the latest statistics on book sales, especially digital formats versus traditionally… Continue reading Cookbook Usage


evaluations, of indexes

Today I read a tweet from an author frustrated with the quality of the index the publisher was sending her. She suspected it was machine generated and her frustration was palpable, mostly because of her emoji decision. The struggle of not knowing how to determine the worth of an index is real. To avoid real-life… Continue reading evaluations, of indexes